Skull Candy - Air Raid(Gray/BK/Hot Blue)

“SkullCandy makes the sickest headphones, earbuds & portable speakers on the market. Hear the difference today.”
One of the coolest things about Skullcandy is just that it was founded by Rick Alden, on a chairlift in Park City, Utah. He was taking a phone call. He’s got his music on one side, he’s gotta turn that off. He’s gotta find his phone and dig out that on the other side, and he figured out how can I pull all this together. So Rick figured out how to splice those two things together seven years ago on a chairlift and that’s how Skullcandy was founded. One of the most awesome names of a brand ever because you know what it means. We don’t need a tag line, it’s Skullcandy.