Otter Wax Leather Salve 2oz

Otter Wax products are made from natural plant-based ingredients and humanely harvested beeswax and lanolin without sacrificing effectiveness. At Otter Wax always passionately against animal testing. Never have, and never will use animals to test the products.
Otter Wax only use suppliers that match our environmental values. They are always working to redefine and strengthen the relationships with suppliers and engaging ongoing dialogue.
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    If you wouldn’t use a leather conditioner on your own skin, why would you use it on your leather? Otter Wax Leather Salve is made using proprietary blend of all-natural waxes and oils along with moisturizing Shea Butter and Carnauba Wax to restore suppleness and shine to your leather while adding a layer of water-resistant protection. Applying our Salve to your leather is a lot like how you would wax your car. Apply our Leather Salve to your clean, dry leather and let sit for 5-10 minutes, allowing the leather to absorb the natural oils and nutrients. When dry, you will notice a thin layer of wax on the surface of the leather. Use a cloth or horsehair brush and buff the wax layer to a shine. This step helps create a natural sealant, to help ensure your leather retains all of the nutrients it has absorbed, and is an added layer of waterproofing protection.

    Product Features
    All-natural deep-conditioning leather treatment
    Restores moisture, and revives old, dehydrated leather
    Natural citrus essential oil
    Use on leather shoes, bags, furniture, auto interiors, & more
    100% natural ingredients: no animal fats, no chemicals, no petroleum
    Handmade in Portland, Oregon